Kundru, Coccinia Indica


Kundru, Coccinia indica, Şekere karşı etkili olduğu idda edilsede henüz yeterince araştıma yapılmamıştır.

Information about Coccinia Indica

Coccinia Indica (scarlet vine) is a climbing, herbaceous, branched plant that grows in India spread far. For many centuries Coccinia Indica, India as part of Ayurvedic medicine to reduce blood sugar and is therefore used for centuries an important part of Indian traditional medicine. This herbal product is blood sugar and blood fat-lowering properties and thus is suitable for supporting and therapeutic applications for blood sugar control, reduce insulin resistance and to reduce late complications in diabetes mellitus. Coccinia Indica in a natural way to lower blood sugar. Coccinia Indica was targeted to treat diabetes mellitus and its late effects used to.

Chemical Constituents

Coccinia Indica Roots contain resins, certain alkaloids, starch, glucose, gum fatty acids, carbonic acid, and ash that constitute about 16%. Besides these contains minerals like calcium, Iron and phosphorus.


Coccinia Indica kapha pitta suppressant, it is a good wound healer and reduces any kind of inflammation occurring in body. It is good appetizer and helps in improving digestion. It’s a good laxative and stimulates liver for proper secretion of bile juices. It is also used in normal infestation especially in amebiasis caused by endamoeba histolytica. It also purifies blood; It’s also helpful in expelling the extra amount of mucus accumulated in the respiratory tract. It also controls the frequency of maturation and widely used in diabetes as it controls the glucose level in the blood. It also helps in opening the pores in the skin so as to facilitate the easy secretion of sweat thus expelling out the toxin in the body. According to Ayurveda it Contains properties – laghu (light), ruksh (rough) and tikshan(sharp); Rasa (taste) ;- tickta(bitter), Virya(potency) – ushan (hot).


No toxic effect was seen human body with Coccinia Indica consumption.


Diabetes, Stomatitis, Indigestion, liver and related problems, Dysentery, Jaundice, Blood related disorders, Cough and cold, Asthma, Urinary tract related problems, Gonorrhoea.

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